My name is V V Brown and I am a multi-platinum selling musician.


In 2016 I too a break from the music industry and gave birth to my first born, Effie-Grace Price. As I started to gracefully fall into motherhood one of our favourite past times was reading. 

Despite our love for books, I found it incredibly hard to find books that represented my children's culture and identity. I had to scroll through the internet looking for books that would show her the world as it should be, diverse in colour, religion and background.

I decided to take a leap and set up my own publishing company.


Here at Woke Kidz publishing we create and publish beautiful picture books that represent all children's backgrounds and identity.

Our first book is now available to pre order and there are many more to come.

If you have a book or an idea please get in touch. We would love to support new stories and fresh ideas.


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